“Knowledge and slavery are incompatible.”   Mississippi enslaver, 1832

This blog is dedicated to the Renaissance Women of the Need To Know Group’s SHE (Surviving, Healing, and Evolving)TM Project (see http://www.shecertainlywill.com) and to Beautiful Women of Color everywhere.


Be assured, however, that everyone is welcome to read what is posted here.

This blog is maintained by Rhonda Sherrod, a lawyer, former college educator, life coach, writer and Ph.D. in psychology.  Dr. Sherrod is the Founder and President of The Need To Know Group, a company that delivers educational programming, and she originally conceived the SHE (Surviving, Healing, and Evolving)TM Project for Black women.  (See also http://www.shecertainlywill.com)  Presently, she uses the concept to promote healing and evolvement  for a better quality of life with other populations, too.  The company website can be found at http://www.theneedtoknow.com.  Dr. Sherrod is the author of the upcoming book, “Surviving, Healing and Evolving:  Essays of Love, Compassion, Healing and Affirmation for Black People.”

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